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Englewood Pioneer Days

Since we first came up with the idea of a Chalkfest being part of Pioneer Days 7 years ago, our goal was to simply get it started and then, appreciating the difficulty of recruiting volunteers (true for all local organizations),  hand the event off to a local group or organization who could utilize their own members to organize and run the event.

Along the way bringing some attention to their own organization.

As simple as organizing the opportunity for people to chalk  would seem,

we've had a surprisingly difficult time finding that group.

I'd always been certain Chalkfest was capable of being a hugely popular event, but as of yet that potential hadn't been reached.  This year I asked to organize the event. As you can see below, we did pretty good. There were in excess of 150 chalkers, along with their support crews, and chalk fans strolling through all day long. A great day was had by all.

Families, friends, parents and grandparents all spending time together

with other families, their friends, their parents and their grandparents.

Pioneer Days goal is community building. Bringing people together so they can get to know each other

in the hopes that we all treat each other a little bit better.

The Herald Tribune in an article this year inadvertently published information from the group that hosted Chalkfest last year. Specifically that there were judged chalking categories

and the specific categories and we were awarding prizes.

In the course of running around doing what I could do to ensure the events success, I completely forgot about that.

To me the contest, competition aspect was secondary.

I was focused on parents chalking with their kids and strangers of all ages chalking side by side, creating shared memories. 

As the event went on a couple people asked about the judging and we recruited some qualified judges.

Because there was so much goodwill among so many people I told the Judges to include as many as possible,

and that it might require some creativity with the categories.

Frankly, I have a hard time telling a person they didn't win, especially a kid, when I saw everyone there did win.

We do have some nominal prizes and we'll be mailing them out. They're nominal because Pioneer Days isn't about making money. It's about bringing people together and keeping everything affordable for everyone.

Now that we know Chalkfest will work, we can fine tune details. If you'd like to help Chalkfest or any of the other Pioneer Days events in 2019, please email us and attend the monthly meetings beginning in January. More hands lighten the load.

                                      Thank you,

                                                               Erick Phelps


Saturday August 25, 2018

at the Englewood Rec Center

101 Orange St.

off Dearborn St. in Olde Englewood

registration at 8am

chalking til 2

72. Stella C.
73. Amelia W.
74. Lisa C.
75. Mexi F.
76. Wynn H.
77. Karis R.*

77. Talen G.
78. Bradley B.
79. Logan N.

79.Gail N.*
80. Zak H.*
81. Jenna S.*
82. Catherine C.*
83. Madeline C.*
84. Aria P.
85. Josia L.
86. Julia S.
87.  Alex S.
88. Chloe S.*
89. Talen G.
90. Janson M.

91. Ana M.

92. Ruby S.

93. Charlotte S.

94. Payton S.

95. Ella P.

96. Zackary S.

97. Lillian W.

98. Grace W.

99. Mason S.

100. Kristin H.*

101. Barbie K.

102. Michaela R.

103. Evan W.

104. Adelyn R.

105. Emma W.

106. Wesley M.

107. Lucy M.

108. Dylan M.

109. Claudia N.

110. Hajnalka P.

111. Cassidy R.

112. Grayson V.

113. Alex F.

114. Audrey L.

115. Seeley L.

116. Jaxon R.

117. Jordan R.

118. Samuel N.

119. Isaac S.

120. Scarlet A.

121. Isabella  G.

122. Dannielle  C.

123. Maddie B.

124. Brook D.

125. Elijah B.

126.  Ian D.*

127. Danica  S.*

127. Aiden S.

128. Abigail D.*

129. Alexis D.*

130. Barbara L.*

131. Sienna P.

132. Calista P.

133. Luca P.

134. Caleb B.

135. Kyleigh B.

136. Catlyn B.

137. McKaela B.

138. Elijah U.

139. Kayden B.

140. Gavin K.

141. Harvey C.

142. Rosalei D.

143. Willow H.

143. Mina H.

144. Alexandra A.*

Welcome to the page of an event that is a perfect example

of the spirit of Pioneer Days

An inexpensive (FREE !) event

that everyone can take part in !

(and I don't just mean chalking)


Chalkfest 7.0 Artists

What I mean is that Pioneer Days is

a bunch of community events put together by people in the community, for people in the community.

A community that includes you.

And guess what? That means we need you to help too. Helpers don't grow on trees you know.

We're not some hyper organized faceless group.

We're people like you who showed up to help one day and liked what we saw and then kept on helping out.

We wing it......with style

For Chalkfest we only need a few people;


people to help me put some directional signs up

people to help me set up a few pop up tents and tables

people to help me mark out the chalking squares

 people to help me sign in all the happy chalkers

people to walk those happy chalkers to a square

 people to walk around and hand out waters,

people to spread good cheer and pat all those motivated chalkers on the back

But what I'd love is for people to step up and help add to it to make it a day to remember

The perfect chalkfest to me is people of all ages

talking and working and playing together

Are you an artist? I'd love to have you walking around offering pointers to chalkers or demonstrating your art

Are you a musician?  The same here. Play a few tunes. I have a small amp if you need it.

I'm asking you, how can we make chalkfest a great memory for everyone that comes?

we're open for any doable idea

 in the spirit of Pioneer Days

1. Ashlyn M.

2.Hailey M.

3. Amie M.

4. Melissa M.*

5. Andrea M*.

6. Atticus R.

7. Juliana R.*

8. Alex V.

9.Mackenzie S.

10. Madison S.*

11. Megan S.

12. Kaitlyn O.

13. Kylie O.*

14. Daisy B.*

15. Luca G

16. Beck G.

17.  Patrick M.*

18. Evanegline R.

19. Paulo R.

20. Brian D.

21. Andrew D.*

22. Thomas D.

23. Taylor S.*

24. Calley B.

25. Josh G.

26. Dani C.

27. Abigail C.

28.  Savannah W.*

29. Reagan P.*

30.Makaylyn A.

31. Kalee K.

32. Makayla J.*

33. Elisabeth L.*

34. Makenna J.

35. Karoline K.

36. Alexis E.

37. Korah K.*

38.Julianna L.

39. Logan J.

40. Marisa C.

41. Caden L.

42. Scarlett R.*

43. Jessica H

43. Madison H.

44. Loralei L.

45. Wesley Y.

46. Alaina Y.*

47. Sabina M.

48.  Olivia P.*

49. Will P.

50. Adam G.

51. Jolene R.

51. Kadence R.

52. Gretchyn G.*

53. Julianne H.

54. Madison H.

54. Lukas G.

54. Juliette M.

55. Ava Rae G.

56 Donna C.

57. Hannah H.*

58. Livy Y.

58. Jason Y.

59. Ramona W.

60. Jody V.

61. Emma R.

62. Atlas B.

63. Vida Maria M.

64. Maddison H.

65. Roman H.

66. Jack S.

66. Julia S.

67. Lewis E.

67. Adeline E.

68.  Kellan M.

69. Evan W.

70. Hannah S.

71. Henry C.

Chalking Tips

Have a plan (Bring a picture or drawing)

Bring a pillow or kneepads

Got a small pop up tent?

Bring it for shade

Make a Picnic Day of it !

Happy Chalkfest 7.0 Helpers 

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