Englewood Pioneer Days

62nd Annual


Sarah Whitten-Grigsby
Candidate for Mayor for a Day 2018

Rev. Sarah is a native New Englander, but has now lived full time in Englewood for six years. As someone with six veteran family members --Airforce 2, Navy 1, Army 3 -- Sarah has a deep appreciation of our country, and now also of Englewood’s strong sense of history and community as well as its natural beauty and magnificent wildlife.

Rev. Sarah is Interfaith Chaplain and Public Information Officer for PEACE RIVER K9 SEARCH AND RESCUE, (“PRSAR”), an all-volunteer non-profit association based in Englewood but serving all of Florida, as well as many other states when called upon.  PRSAR’s motto, “So that others may live,” encapsulates the very difficult work the team is known for in searching for missing persons and providing emotional and spiritual support to loved ones.  Sarah will be running for mayor on behalf of PRSAR.

Rev. Sarah, long ago VIP Tour Guide of the Year for Universal Studios Hollywood, is also President of One More Day Foundation, Inc., dedicated to creating loving last chapters for homeless dogs by placing them in forever foster hospice homes in Englewood and the surrounding area.

Rev. Sarah has selected Peace River K-9 Search and Rescue as her charity.

Mayor for a Day Candidate Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

P.O. Box 1411 Englewood FL 34295              941.474.8700                  info@englewoodpioneerdays.com